An autonomous life without violence is a basic right of every person. Sadly, violence in families and partnerships is no longer an exception. Physical and psychic abuse can happen to people of every age, religion and nationality.
Domestic violence is defined as use of any form of physical,sexual or psychic abuse in close socialrelationships.

In January 2002, a law was passed to protect persons from violence. This law guarantees protection from violence in private lives. It also sentences persons who have or had practice this kind of violence.
It makes domestic violence a punishable offence. Forcedmarriages are a form of domestic violence. It occurs, when one or both partnersare being put under physical oder psychical pressure in order to get married without their volition.

Through forced marriages, the rights of autonomous choice of a partner and marriage as well as the individual freedom are infringed upon. Forced marriages are a violation of a human rights.
LĀLE is an intercultural counselling centre, which is offering perspectives and support to whom are victims of domestical violence.

Who Can Use Our Services?

We offer anonymous and sensitive counselling, support and information for women, men and young people with migration background

  • who are or were victims from domestical violence, 
  • who are being forced to get married,
  • who are already victims of forced marriages.